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Baluarte Tower at Pebble Beach


The Baluarte Tower is a 400-year-old watchtower built during the Spanish period. The tower is 5.6-meter high and made by reddish bricks. Created by the Spaniards as a lookout point for the approaching attacks from the Japanese, Chinese, Moro and other conquerors, the tower is built along the coast of Victoria, Luna. The Baluarte also served as a communication tower during WWII.

Baluarte was classified as a national treasure in 2014. In 2015, half of the structure collapsed due to strong waves and winds brought by typhoon “Lando” (international name: Koppu). The structure was restored in 2017. The restored Baluarte is described as a fusion of old and new: half gray from the old structure and the new section that is made of similar materials (less the 400 years of wear and tear).

The Baluarte Tower stands in a pebble beach, which is a characteristics of most beaches in Luna, La Union. Pebbles are one of the main sources of income in Luna. They are handpicked, sorted and sold locally and abroad.

Baluarte photos by Vince M. Puerto and National Committee on Monuments and Sites; Pebble beach photos Irish Lucina and Kathleen Discaya


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    From Cubao/Pasay (via bus), ride a bus going to Ilocos. Get off from at Balaoan, then ride a tricycle to Luna, la Union.


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