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Mt. Pulag, the highest mountain of Luzon, towers 2,922 meters above sea level. The peak of the mountain is located in the Municipality of Kabayan Province of Benguet. Dubbed as the “Playground of the Gods”, Mt Pulag is considered to have the most beautiful trails, with exuberant moss and ferns and sea of clouds on top of beautiful grassland.

There are 4 major trails to the summit:

  1. Ambangeg trail – the “walk in the park” because it is the easiest trail. It is recommended for beginners and takes 4-6 hours from the Ranger Station to the summit of Mt Pulag.
  2. Akiki trail – the “killer trail” is a physically demanding route that takes three days to cover. It involves challenging uphill trails but it offers scenic views like that of Eddet River and Marlboro Country.
  3. Tawangan trail – is the most comprehensive trail to the summit. This trail features lush mossy forest, a grassland, a beautiful stream and a view of four lakes: Tabeo, Ambulalakao, Iculus, and Detanapco. Hikers usually spend a night in Tawangan Village, a mystical hamlet deep in the forest.
  4. Ambaguio trail – unlike the first three that starts in Benguet, this starts from Nueva Vizcaya. It is considered to be the longest trail out of the four. It is rarely used because the trail has been cemented. Its characteristics include steep ascents and mossy forests.


  • Entrance Fee

    Php 175

  • Estimated Budget

    Php 2,000 to 7,000

  • Contact Person

    Mt. Pulag National Park

  • Best time to visit

    November to May


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